When Lite is Right

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"Leader Phone® Lite provides basic, no-frills audio conferencing. Sometimes that's all you need. It removes the barriers to entry for many who have never organized an audio conference before. Now you can! Anytime! —Tom Dean, Florida

Leader Phone® Lite

When is Leader Phone® Lite right for your needs?

Leader Phone® Lite provides basic no-frills audio conferencing. Here's when Leader Phone® Lite is right for you:

  • Try before you buy: You can get a dial in number and PIN and try our service at no cost to you. Guaranteed. In fact, if you don't give us your name and email address, you will still receive a dial-in number a PIN to try it anonymously. However, if you give us your email, then the system automatically sends you a call summary report at the end of each call. This is a very popular feature that you will miss out on if you go anonymous.
  • You are new to audio conferencing: If you have never conducted an audio conference because of the expense and hassle, now you can! Get started right now. Try one among your work colleagues or family. It's easy and fun.
  • Infrequent need: If you need to audio conference infrequently and don't need value-added features you can do so whenever needed without the need to subscribe to a full account.
  • No budget: The group you want to get together in an audio conference has no budget for such services. Leader Phone® Lite now enables collaboration among all your important but informal groups
  • Community work: Many important community tasks are accomplished through committees that cannot always get together; now they can with Leader Phone® Lite!
  • Church work: Most church work is accomplished with volunteers around special projects. Leader Phone® Lite enables these groups to collaborate more easily and effectively
  • Political organizing: Political interest groups are often geographically dispersed. Leader Phone® Lite enables these groups to get together more regularly.
  • Homeland Security preparedness: Emergency response in disasters often depends upon an empowered citizenry to supplement first responders. Leader Phone® Lite allows everyday citizens to organize themselves in disaster events.
  • School projects: Use for special school projects to coordinate work, answer questions, provide guidance and tutoring, as a last-minute tool for procrastinators!
  • Virtual classroom: Instructors can conduct high quality virtual classroom sessions, especially nights and weekends when students are working from home.

Leader Phone® Lite services emerged following Leader Phone® support of the Governor of Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina life saving and disaster response — the largest natural disaster in this history of the United States. Katrina revealed the need for an Everyman's audio conferencing capability; one that the average citizen used every day, and would thus be familiar to them in emergencies.

Leader Phone® Lite's technology and sponsors enable this no-frills service to be free to the user. Schools, churches and communities should consider making Leader Phone Lite widely known and available.

Simply choose Sign Up. Type your Name and Email and choose Submit. That's it. You can then start a Leader Phone® Lite audio conference immediately.

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