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Leader Phone® Pro

Top Ten Reasons To Use Leader Phone® Audio Conferencing

1. Simple

The hallmark of good industrial design is to take sophisticated technologies and make the simple to use for the user. Too many software products force the user to struggle for weeks, months, even years to fully learn how to use them. Tens of millions of dollars have been invested in engineering to make Leader Phone® simple. Leader® employed some of the best mathematics, programming, engineering, database, industrial design, human-computer interface design, systems research and telecommunications minds to develop Leader Phone®.

This means that with Leader Phone® you can now manage 1 or 1000's of users from a single back office web console. You can organize billing any way you need it. You have a suite of online video tutorials and one-page user guides. You get free training and free support. And best yet, you can manage the entire service right from your mobile phone from anywhere on the planet.

2. Convenient

Leader Phone®'s crusty old competitors make everything difficult and time consuming in that you must call operators, setup calls, listen to the rules and regulations, schedule your times, be put on hold endlessly, jump through hoops to accomplish your objective. With Leader Phone® most features are just a few clicks away. No more waiting. No more on-hold messages. No more hassle. Leader Phone® is designed to serve you instead of the other way around.

3. Innovative

The Leader Phone®'s research and development design program won the Ohio Award for Excellence modeled after the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Leader®'s evaluation was based upon (1) Leadership, (2) Strategic Planning, (3) Customer and Market Focus, (4) Information and Analysis, (5) Human Resource Focus, (6) Process Management and (7) Business Results. After extensive interviews, surveys, observation and investigation the Board of Examiners recognizing Leader Technologies™ as an quality innovator.

4. Secure

Most audio conferencing systems are horribly insecure. By contrast Leader Phone® offers tiered security levels depending upon your need for privacy. The crusty old competitors offer no options, you simply get a dial-in number and PIN issued to you. The fact is that anyone who gets a hold of your PIN and finds out when you have scheduled a call can silently sneak into your call and listen in. You’ll never know they're there until you get your bill a month later. Leader Phone® provides this relatively insecure option, but others as well. For example, lets say you are planning a highly confidential audio conference to discuss the planning for your public offering. This means you are in your "quiet period" where no one is permitted to know that you are even thinking about going public, not even your family. In this circumstance your crusty old PIN just won't do. Leader Phone® Pro enables you to issue a unique PIN for every participant for that call only which will dissolve at the end of the call. You can even monitor online when each of these individuals dial in.

5. Economical

In the past you had no pricing options. Audio conferencing was expensive, sometimes up to a dollar a minute per participant. Leader Phone® innovations enable us to offer you more features and services at less cost. The Leader Phone® engineering automated many formerly manual back office functions so that cost is gone. This innovation in turn allows us to offer you highly competitive pricing, and even a free Leader Phone® Lite.

6. Flexible

Leader Phone® fits into your workflow rather than forcing you to fit into it. What do we mean? We have heard many customer war stories about their crusty old previous audio conferencing service. For example, one service forces you to go through a six-deep automated menu just to turn on their record feature. If you mis-key any step, you have to start over. Another service forces you to pay to have an operator on your call for every 15 participants on your call. Another service requires the partners in a law firm to drive into their downtown office on Saturday mornings to have important weekend audio conferences because their provider’s operators do not work on weekends! By contrast, Leader Phone® is there for you 24x7x365 from anywhere on the planet.

7. Saves You Time & Money

Rigid audio conferencing services cost you money in hidden charges, indirect charges and lost productivity. Also, consider the productivity losses you rack up if you don’t use audio conferencing at all. A prototypical in-town planning meeting is one with six participants that last an hour. If your employees choose to drive across town for this meeting instead of do it by audio conference, you lose $1,000 in direct costs… every time they do this. Think about it. You are paying wages and benefits for six people who must use up an hour getting there and an hour coming back. That’s your biggest expense. Use audio conferencing to save you time and money.

8. Makes you more productive

our people-time costs are normally the biggest single line item in a budget. It is your most precious resource. Audio conferencing can help you use your people’s time more productively. Audio conferencing is a productivity lever. Use it. As the Leader Phone® host Melissa says in our introductory video, why wait another day?

9. Rich with new features (not crusty, old technology)

he audio conference business has seen little innovation in 20 years, until Leader Phone® emerged on the scene. This is because audio conferencing services were always an uninteresting side business to AT&T—a business their operator services people were forced to manage (and not very well). The crusty old services made you jump through hoops to set them up and charge you an arm and a leg to boot. Leader Phone®'s innovative new web and media features introduce an array of new features and benefits to boost your productivity. Get started! Just click Sign Up.

10. Proven, Battle-Tested

Leader Phone® robust new technology stood up to the challenges of the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States—Hurricane Katrina. After over 1 million Bell South phone lines were swamped the Chief of Staff for the Governor of Louisiana, Andy Kopplin, called on Leader Phone® to connect local, state and federal first responders to save lives and recover. Despite the crippled Louisiana phone network, Leader Phone® successfully connected hundreds of people in the Governor's office, at the State's Emergency Operations Center, state agencies, elected officials, and federal agencies like FEMA, the Red Cross and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and provided the ONLY working phone network for many months following the storm. Leader Phone® performed after Hurricane Katrina, it'll be there for you!

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