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Why should I care about audio conferencing? Practically everyone has a phone with them, all the time, so the telephone is the most universal communications tool on the planet. Therefore, it only makes sense to equip yourself with better ways to dialogue by telephone with the groups of people important to you, personally and professionally, when you cannot get together.

Historically these services were too expensive for everyday use. Leader Phone® changes that. Statistics show that the average conference call saves a company $1,500 compared to everyone driving across town. This makes audio conferencing GREEN too!
Innovative engineering pays you big dividends Elegance and simplicity are the hallmarks of innovative design. Leader Phone's Web 2.0 advancements bring you the best of the phone and data worlds. This means you get more services and productivity benefits, and you pay less (Pro) or nothing at all (Lite)! What makes Leader Phone® so great? It's the first true innovation in audio conferencing since the breakup of AT&T. Services once the domain of only large corporations are now yours. Email us stories of your new uses!
Leader Phone® Delivers . . . to millions in business, govt, education & non-profits under sometimes extreme conditions. Learn more

Leader Phone® Delivers

Millions of Louisiana citizens relied upon Leader Phone® to collaborate when Louisiana's phone lines went down following Hurricane Katrina. Governor Blanco's staff used Leader Phone® to link all federal and state first responders. Leader Phone® also provided critical news and alerting. The system is battle-tested and will be there for you too!

Use the Leader Phone® web console to set up PINs. No more waiting for operators.

True Innovation Audio conferencing reliability varies widely. Leader Phone® is the first to provide true Web 2.0 features. Any vendor can sell you cheap minutes & invest nothing in R&D. Step up to new technology for mission-critical tasks.
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True Innovation

Audio conferencing has seen little innovation before Leader Phone® because the carriers invested no R&D. Leader Phone® changed the game by blending traditional phone with new data services. This increases your productivity. Leader Phone®'s innovations give you more features at less cost - the hallmarks
of innovation.

Use Call Setup to schedule calls automatically. No more forgetting!

Leader Phone® iPhone App Launch your calls from anywhere, anytime! Cool options include email invitations & group dialing - no PINs needed! Learn more

Leader Phone® iPhone App

The first true innovation in audio conferencing in a decade. Featuring Call Now! Group Call and Invite Now! Two levels of service: Pro (premium) and Lite (basic). All app services are integrated with the Leader Phone® Pro web console. Click "Leader more" to view an overview of iPhone App features.

Use Group Call to "blast dial" everyone simultaneously. The system calls you!